TunSafe's VPN Service

To let you experience the performance of the WireGuard protocol (and privacy) the TunSafe project hosts a few high-bandwidth free VPN servers. These servers use our in-development TunSafe kernel module in Linux for higher performance. Please download TunSafe or another WireGuard client first.

You need a configuration file to use those with TunSafe, please specify the settings below to generate one. The private key is generated locally and never leaves the browser.

Please select a server.
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We value integrity and privacy, so the servers do not log any traffic or connections whatsoever.

By using our Services and/or registering for an account, you are accepting the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Points of presence
2.0nl-naa1-v2.tunsafe.com0-65535Amsterdam / Netherlands10Gbit/sUp
2.0uk-lon1-v2.tunsafe.com0-65535London / United Kingdom1Gbit/sUp
2.0us-nyc1-v2.tunsafe.com0-65535New-York / US1Gbit/sDown
1.0nl-ams1-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535Amsterdam / Netherlands10Gbit/sUp
1.0uk-lon1-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535London / United Kingdom1Gbit/sDown
1.0us-nyc1-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535New-York / US1Gbit/sUp
1.0us-nyc2-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535New-York / US1Gbit/sUp
1.0se-sto1-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535Stockholm / Sweden4x100Mbit/sDown
1.0de-dus1-v1.tunsafe.com0-65535Düsseldorf / Germany1Gbit/sUp

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